Medjugorje moments… 4

Step by step… stone by stone… Mother Mary lead us home…

A traditional feature of Sunday afternoon in Medjugorje is for the local families to climb the Hill of Apparitions and pray the rosary. Here, a young girl forges ahead of the family group, confidently ascending the rocky trail. She carries a stone in her hand; perhaps to place at Our Lady’s statue?

Dear children! Today I call all of you to decide for holiness. May for you, little children, always in your thoughts and in each situation holiness be in the first place, in work and in speech. In this way, you will also put it into practice; little by little, step by step, prayer and a decision for holiness will enter into your family. Be real with yourselves and do not bind yourselves to material things but to God. And do not forget, little children, that your life is as passing as a flower. Thank you for having responded to my call. Medjugorje message, August 25, 2001


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