Do not stifle the Spirit…

Medjugorje proves and testifies that people tirelessly yearn for God and endeavour to contact him. On that path it uncovers the Church and its riches.

Mary, the Queen of Peace and the Mother of the Church speaks to the people in Medjugorje, to her children and helps them to do what Jesus tells them to do. She inspires them to be filled with the grace of God in the sacraments, to be able to hear, to understand and to realise the word of God. In this way, she gives her monthly contribution to the growth of the Body of Christ, which in fact is the Church.

Our Lady’s apparitions, messages and numerous gatherings by the faithful in Medjugorje with its contents, are the feast and celebration of the will of God. In them, Jesus celebrates the Heavenly Father, the Lord of Heaven and earth, “for hiding these things from the learned and the clever and revealing them to little children” (Matthew 11 : 25)

As such, we ask all those who deal with the phenomenon of Medjugorje when they pass their judgement, to have in mind the warning uttered by the apostle Paul to the Thessalonians: “Do not stifle the Spirit or despise the gift of prophecy with contempt; test everything and hold on to what is good and shun every form of evil!” (Thessalonians 5 : 19-21)

Fr Ljudevit Rupcic OFM


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