Jimmy’s prayer

This prayer was given to me by Jim McMullan who, on his first ever visit to Medjugorje a couple of years ago, was handed it by a stranger at the Blue Cross.

Lord, teach me to love. Lord I am in need. How you know it. But why am I so often the last person willing to admit this? Help me to realise my need. How I need, how I need you.

You are near, Lord, but where am I? What am I searching for? What’s holding me back? I know my fear, my shame, my guilt. If only I hadn’t.

I have suffered and caused suffering. Give me the grace and strength to turn to you and to accept your forgiveness. What is life without your mercy, O Lord? Heal my soul.

Help me to understand that every saint has a past, and that every sinner has a future.

My Saviour, this is who I am.

I lack nothing from you, but it is because you are so Holy that I want to offer you not only my best but also my worst. I humbly lift up to you everything about myself, the gifts and blessings you have given me, the weaknesses and regrets that are mine, Lord. I’m yours, love me.

But why am I so pleased, Lord Jesus, when others notice me, praise me and choose me? Do I want to feel loved more than to love? Is what I do more important than who I am? It’s as if I’m hoping that they will convince me that I am worthy in your sight, O Lord.

Let not what has happened to me crush me or make me bitter. Turn my wounds into fountains of compassion. May the pain purify and sanctify me.

Almighty God, draw an abundance of good out of evil that has touched my life. Remind me that I have not just yet reached my final home.

I ask why, Lord, not in doubt but with desire to understand. Increase my faith so that I may see things as you see them.

Jesus I trust in you.

My God, here was a time when I did not exist, and you in your overflowing goodness brought me into being. You hold me in existence. You could have created countless other people, but you created me. It amazes me; because of your love, Lord, I am irreplaceable.

Put deep into my heart, Lord, the knowledge that I can never lose the goodness and dignity that you have placed in the depths of my being. Not even the evil of sin can destroy this.

However, you have called me not merely to be your creature but your child, to share in your intimate life of grace. For this wonderful destiny, dear God, I praise you. Help me to be worthy of the words: “This is my beloved child in who I am pleased.” In your mercy, Lord Jesus, keep me faithful.

And Lord, you want to love others through me. In wonder of your providence you choose to need me, for nobody else can love with my heart. You have shared your goodness with me that I may find myself in giving myself. I can do this because the Son of God loved me and gave himself for me.

Grant me the grace to see beyond myself and to rejoice in the happiness of others, for they are worthy, Lord. Open my eyes to see you in those who are dear to me. Grant me a special love for those who appear unloved, and for those who do not return love for love.

Mother Mary, whose heart is all pure, teach me to love. Free my heart to welcome all with joy.

I want to love you my Lord, not because of what you have given me or do for me, but because of who you are. And when my heart feels empty and dry, this will be my gift. How worthy you are of my love, poor though it may be.

Show me how to love you. Lord, you are worth living for and worth dying for. I want to know you more so that my love for you may continue to deepen.

My God, in loving you I continue to be amazed at how much you love me. You know no other way except love. I praise you, for you have loved goodness into me.

For all that is in my past, Lord, thank you.

For all that is yet to come… yes!


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