Medjugorje moments… 2

“Light a candle in Medjugorje, let the flame forever burn…”
so sang Michael Conti, composer of many lovely Medjugorje songs.

It is no secret that millions of hearts have been set alight in Medjugorje, inflamed with the wonderful blessings of the Holy Spirit so generously poured out in this small, Herzegovinian village where Our Lady has been appearing for the past 29 years.

The above image is representative of a heart set on fire when drenched by the wonderful outpouring of grace from heaven, given and received so abundantly at Medjugorje.

You care for the earth, give it water,
you fill it with riches.
Your river in heaven brims over
to provide its grain.
And so you provide for the earth;
you drench it furrows,
you level it, soften it with showers,
you bless its growth.
You crown the year with your goodness.
Abundance flows in your steps,
in the pastures of the wilderness it flows.
The hills are girded with joy.

Psalm 64

I wish all of you to be the light for everyone and that you give witness in the light. Dear children, you are not called to the darkness, but you are called to the light. Therefore, live the light with your own life. Thank you for having responded to my call. part Medjugorje message, June 5, 1986


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