Accept me as a mother…

Accept me… as a mother… as a messenger of God’s love… accept the light…

We all seek acceptance in life… of who we are, our worth, our value and place in our families and society. Non-acceptance and even rejection is the root of much of the tragedy we see in today’s world. So often we fail to see the Jesus in others.

Should we be surprised when we remember that Jesus was despised and rejected by many in his time on earth – and still is.

In the message of Our Lady given to Mirjana yesterday we are twice presented with the word “accept”. “Accept me… as a mother… as a messenger of God’s love… accept the light…”

It is not the first time that our Blessed Mother has called us to “accept”. More often she invites us to accept the messages, and live them, especially her call to prayer and conversion. She must have her reasons for this. Yesterday, she emphasised her desire for us to accept her as a mother. Is not a mother an expression of God’s great love for his children? It is not easy to reject a mother’s love, but it can sometimes be taken for granted.

A mother wants only the best for her children. We are told that a mother always knows best. And how true this is especially in the case of our Blessed Mother. She knows what is best for everyone of us. This is why she says, “Accept the light.”

This is why she has said on another occasion, “Today I extend my hands towards you. Do not be afraid to accept them.”

This is why she has said previously, “Accept the love of my Son and erase fear, pain and suffering and disappointment for your heart.”

This is why she calls us to leave sin and to “accept prayer at all times, so that you may in prayer come to know the meaning of your life.”

This is why she tells us that if we pray then we will “be able to accept others with love and to forgive those who have done evil against you.”

This is why she invites us to “pray that you may be able to accept sickness and suffering with love, the way Jesus accepted them.”

Acceptance is a key that turns the lock on a closed heart and opens the door to God’s grace, to be born anew, to be right with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit in all our ways; to allow and accept the Lord into our heart, the domain that truly belongs to him, and so accept the power to really become children of God.

And there are those who hear the word and accept it, and yield a harvest, thirty and sixty, and a hundredfold. Mark 4 : 20


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