Medjugorje prayer card available once more…

Later this week I shall be taking delivery of another printed batch of The Mother Who Loves Me prayer card. The prayer is a five-decade litany incorporating phrases from Our Lady’s messages.

If anyone would like copies sent to them (they are free!) just EMAIL me for further details with your postal address, stating how many copies your would like.

To date, 85,000 copies have been distributed.

Some responses…

• Thank you for the gift of 3 Medjugorje Prayer Cards. This was very significant for us because on Saturday we had a statue of Our Lady of Medjugorje erected in our Peace Garden and your gift was for us a very personal touch from Our Blessed Lady. God bless you and your ministry. – Sr Patricia

• Would you like send any cards to Poland? My wife and I are waiting for our child, but still waiting. I think that it will be nice pray to Mary in this intention. If you may send us 5 prayer cards to us and I share them also with my parents and sister.
God bless you! – Sebastian

• I am a school chaplain and wondered whether you could send me some copies of the prayer card for children at school. – Louise

• Would you mind sending 25 prayer cards to me? I have made 25 rosaries and I would like to include a prayer card with each rosary I give away. Thank you so much. – Lucy

• Please send ten of the new prayer cards. There is a weekly Adoration at which I would like to leave some copies. – Carol

• Someone recently gave me one of these cards and it’s beautiful. I don’t know if you send them to America, but if you do may I request 50 from you? – Yes we do, Deb!

• Would it be possible to send me twenty of these lovely litany cards, as I would like to distribute them to interested friends and work colleagues? – Gillian

• I would like to have 50 copies for my prayer group and to give to those who come to Adoration at our church. – Perri

• Thank you so much for sending me the beautiful prayer cards. I am giving them out at my Charismatic prayer meeting tonight. What a blessing to be able to share some wonderful memories of my pilgrimage to Medjugorje last July! – Mary

• We will be havving a celebration for the Anniversary of Our Lady’s Apparitions in Medjugorje on 25th June. (of course) Could you please send me 200 copies of the litany? – John

Can you send me 500? We have a big congregation. – Inmate, British prison.

Hi, I have just returned from a very blessed pilgrimage to Medjugorje. On our last evening a Canadian friend gave us a copy of the prayer card and told us what a great effect it had had on her Canadian pilgrims (lots of tears!!) Our group said the litany yesterday morning as we said farewell to Medjugorje and it was a beautiful time of prayer. I have promised to try to get hold of the cards for our prayer group in Liverpool. Could you possibly send me 100 copies please. It’s a wonderful, powerful prayer that I feel should be promoted and it will be a privilege to help. – Helen.

Hi, I have given out the 20 prayer cards you sent to me and people love them! I can keep passing them out to prayer group members and and my Marian Community if you send more. If you can send another 50 I can easily find people who would love to have one! Thanks, and may God bless you and Our Lady protect you! – Maureen

On the 22nd of June I will go to Ireland for 3 days to a Charismatic Conference in Athlone. There will be at least 1000 participants. So maybe I can have 1500 for that occasion; plus 500 if you want to give to the prayer group I go to. – GS

Would you mind sending 10 prayer cards to me? I will be sharing about Medjugorje to the Catholic Indonesian community in Phoenix, AZ. There are about 20 of us, hopefully the message will be well-received.– Priska

Thank you so much Brendan! I received 15 BEAUTIFUL prayer cards and was able to share them tonight at Eucharistic Adoration with some friends. – Eileen

Thank you so so much for the cards of the litany of the Blessed Mother people loved it, can you send me 25 more cards. – Margarita


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