Pray for my intentions…

I am asked many times to pray for people, for all sorts of reasons. I also often request others to pray for my family. And I don’t have any problem with this. But it is very rare that I ask for prayers for myself, and I have never considered, until lately, why this is.

Just recently, I experienced a health scare, and felt the need for prayers from others, but it was difficult to ask directly and usually, after explaining what my situation was, I waited for the other person to make the offer. Pride seemed to be lurking in the background somewhere – but I came to understand what a humbling experience it is for anyone to ask another person to pray for them – and it made me appreciate even more how important my prayer was when requested, and the humility necessary to ask.

And this led me to realise just how truly humble Our Lady is when she asks us to pray for her intentions, and how important and powerful our prayers are if the Mother of God can humble herself and ask for prayers through her messages given at Medjugorje.

Imagine: God’s Mother asking us for prayers – to pray for her intentions! She even says that our prayers can stop wars!

Here is Our Lady empowering us and the world with her simple, repeated request for prayer. She also says that without our prayers she cannot help us to fulfil the message which God has given her to give to us! This really emphasises just how important our prayers are in God’s plan. Throughout the 29 years of apparitions Our Lady is constantly directing and guiding us how to pray and what to pray for:

Pray for the Holy Spirit to inspire you with the spirit of prayer… (June 9, 1984)
Pray that Satan’s plan will not be realised… (July 5, 1984)
Pray even more these days for the conversion of sinners… (Aug 2, 1984)
Pray at the foot of the Cross for peace… (Sep 6, 1984)
Pray that my plans will be completed… (Sep 27, 1984).
You make me happy by your prayer… pray that I can bring all your sacrifices and prayers to the Lord… (Oct 4, 1984)
Pray to the Holy Spirit for enlightenment… (Nov 8, 1984)
Pray all the prayers for the opening of sinful hearts… (April 18, 1985)
Pray that prayer prevails in your hearts at every moment… (May 2, 1985)
Your prayers are necessary to me so that God may be glorified through all of you… (Jan 16, 1986)
Pray for how you might be a witness of my presence… (Jan 30, 1986)
Pray for the gifts of the Holy Spirit… (April 17, 1986)
Pray that the truth prevails in all hearts… (Oct 2, 1986)
I call you to pray for peace. Without your prayers, dear children, I cannot help you fulfil the message which the Lord has given me to give you… (Oct 23, 1986)
Pray daily for the souls in purgatory… (Nov 6, 1986)
I ask you to dedicate your prayers to me so that those who are under satan’s influence can be saved… (Feb 25, 1988).
Pray for the knowledge that you are mine… (May 25, 1988).
Pray that your life be joyful thanksgiving which flows out of your heart like a river of joy… (Aug 25, 1988).
Pray to be able to discover the greatness and joy of life which God gives you… (May 25, 1989).
Pray in a special way with me for peace… (Oct 25, 1990).
If you pray, God will help you to discover the true reason for my coming… (June 25, 1991).
I beseech all of you to offer prayers and sacrifices for my intentions… Pray for what God desires, and not for what you desire… (Sep 25, 1991)
Your prayers are necessary… (Nov 25, 1991)
Pray, little children, to be able to come closer to me… (July 25, 1992)
Today I thank you for your prayers. All of you have helped me so that this war may end as soon as possible… (Jan 25, 1994)
Pray, little children, for the health of my most beloved son (John Paul ll), who suffers, and who I have chosen for these times… (Aug 25, 1994)
Little children, pray for my intention… (Sep 25, 1994)
I beg you, little children, pray and help me to help you… (May 25, 1995)
Pray that you may understand that suffering can become joy… (Sep 25, 1996)
Pray, pray, pray that your heart may be open and be sensitive for the Word of God… (Nov 25, 1997)


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