Vocations Sunday

Today is Good Shepherd Sunday and also Vocations Sunday. Medjugorje has inspired many vocations to the priesthood and religious life since the apparitions of Our Lady Queen of Peace began almost 29 years ago. This is one such story.

• One day in 1987, Kathleen Martin was introduced to a friend of the visionary, Marija, a young Croatian man from Split who had decided to become a priest. He asked Marija if, during her apparition that night, she would offer his priesthood to the Holy Mother. Marija did so. During the apparition, Kathleen also made a request to Our Lady, concerning the young man, and prayed: “O Mother, a priest is being born tonight. He is giving you his ‘yes’. I would really like to go to his ordination.”

As the years passed and war came to Yugoslavia, Kathleen left Medjugorje and moved to Italy, travelling and giving testimony to Our Lady’s messages and the events in Medjugorje. One weekend, she and a group of friends were on an overnight train returning home from a conference in Sicily. The train was delayed and because the party missed their connection in Rome they had to stay overnight in the Eternal City. For Kathleen, this presented a wonderful opportunity to attend Mass in St Peter’s the next day, Trinity Sunday.

As she entered the basilica and dipped her finger in the holy water fount, she heard the voice of the Holy Father begin Mass.The centre section of seating was cordoned off, and so to get closer to the altar, Kathleen made her way to the wing seating. As she did so, she saw an usher with Mass books and promptly requested copies for herself and her companions.

It was then that a man, holding a child in his arms, called out: “Hey! They’re only for the people inside the cordon!” The voice seemed familiar to Kathleen, and when she turned around she saw the brother of the boy who many years ago had made the decision to become a priest.

“Anton, what are you doing here?” exclaimed Kathleen. He replied, proudly: “My brother is being ordained by the Holy Father this morning!”


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