Medjugorje… a “Court of Mercy”

“Let us speak about the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Sr Faustina calls Confession ‘the Court of Mercy’. What is it about this Sacrament in our lives as priests and bishops and also in our pastoral work? How can we not pose this question to ourselves here in Ars? In our countries of Europe, with some exceptions, I have the impression that the practice of this Sacrament has enormously regressed and in certain areas almost disappeared.

“There are certainly strongholds of Confession today. I think particularly of Medjugorje. I dare speak of that because for 28 years it has become one of the greatest strongholds of Confession. Thousands and thousands of people go to Confession!

“Certainly our places of pilgrimage are strongholds for Confession. This is my experience, and that of many of my brother priests who exercised the ministry of Confession in places of pilgrimage. But especially in Medjugorje, they were overwhelmed by the experience of Confession.”

Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, Ars, France, September 29, 2009


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