Welcome to love…

• Ascending the steep and rocky trail up Mt Krizevac is as life itself, a journey never identical.

Some pilgrims walk the path to the left, some prefer the right side, some take the middle line while others choose to criss-cross the bouldered track. But no walk is ever the same or repeated.

Each trek is unique, even for those who are carried – and yet all are heading in the same direction to arrive at the same destination, alone or together, in front or behind; each in their own time.

We make our own journey but share the same desire – to reach the summit, where waiting is God’s welcoming sign of perfect love – the Cross.

Krizevac is our pilgrimage, our life, and no life is ever lived without the Cross. But today we have an opportunity to share this journey with Jesus and to walk alongside him, step by step.


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