Hail glorious St Patrick – and Hail Mary!

I can’t help suspect that dear old St Patrick may have had a hand in the timing of the official announcement of a Vatican Commission to study Medjugorje.

He was a saint who prayed constantly and brought the Gospel message and conversion to thousands of pagans. He evangelized Ireland in a way that has seen thousands of Irish religious missionaries continue bringing the Gospel of love to all parts of the globe ever since.

Now a new evangelization is happening through the visitations of Our Lady at Medjugorje. She also brings with her the Word of God, the message of eternal life – both to a Church in need of repentance, reconciliation and renewal, and to ‘pagans’ yet to know the love and mercy of her Son, Jesus.

This is witnessed by the hundreds of thousands who have responded to Our Lady’s call to conversion from Medjugorje, “witnesses for Christ”.

Hail glorious St Patrick – a slave who became a free man and a shepherd to his people.


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