Beautiful flowers…

Dear friends, the most beautiful flower that has sprung up from the word of God is the Virgin Mary. She is the first fruits of the Church, garden of God on earth. But, while Mary is the Immaculate One the Church has constant need of purifying herself, because sin infects all her members. In the Church there is always a struggle taking place between the desert and the garden, between the sin that parches the earth and the grace that waters it so that it produces abundant fruits of holiness. Let us therefore pray to the Mother of the Lord that she will help us, in this Advent season, to “straighten” our ways, letting ourselves be guided by the word of God.
Benedict XVI, speaking during his Angelus address yesterday.

Dear children! I invite you to open the door of your heart to Jesus as the flower opens itself to the sun. Jesus desires to fill your hearts with peace and joy. You cannot, little children, realise peace if your are not at peace with Jesus. Therefore, I invite you to confession so Jesus may be your truth and peace. So, little children, pray to have the strength to realise what I am telling you. I am with you and I love you. Thank you for having responded to my call.
Medjugorje message, January 25, 1995

• First reading of today’s Mass, Second week of Advent, Monday

Let the wilderness and the dry lands exult,
let the wasteland rejoice and bloom
let it bring forth flowers like the jonquil,
let it rejoice and sing for joy.

Isaiah 35 : 1


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