Medjugorje… the joy of angels

I tell you, there is rejoicing among the angels of God over one repentant sinner. Luke 15 : 10

• It’s an unexpected truth to learn that here on earth each of us is capable of generating joy among God’s angels in heaven. Mostly we are conditioned to petition heaven to send joy to the world instead.

But in today’s Gospel, Jesus tells us exactly how this happens, how his angels are constantly rejoicing. I say constantly because Jesus says his angels rejoice over one repentant sinner. One!

If just one different person repents each minute of the day, that gives the angels 1,440 repentant souls to rejoice over daily. Not a lot, is it? But enough for the angels in heaven to receive perpetual joy!

And imagine how that joy intensifies as the number of repenting souls on earth increases.

So for the angels in heaven, what a wonderful source of joy Medjugorje must be – the confessional of the world!


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