Have no regrets…

He reassured them with words that touched their hearts…

Seeing that their father was dead, Joseph’s brothers said, “What if Joseph intends to treat us as enemies and repay us in full for all the wrong we did him?” So they sent this message to say to Joseph: “Before your father died he gave us this order: ‘You must say to Joseph: O forgive your brothers their crime and their sin and all the wrong they did to you.’ Now therefore we beg you, forgive the crime of the servants of your father’s God.” Joseph wept at the message they sent to him. His brothers came themselves and fell down before him. “We present ourselves before you” they said “as your slaves”. But Joseph answered them, “Do not be afraid; is it for me to put myself in God’s place? The evil you planned to do to me has by God’s design been turned to good, that he might bring about, as indeed he has, the deliverance of a numerous people. So you need not be afraid; I myself will provide for you and your dependants.” In this way he reassured them with words that touched their hearts. Genesis 50 : 15-21

• Families fall out. That’s a fact. Sometimes the hurt and separation can last a lifetime – and it is only in death that reconciliation may eventually take place. Death of a mother or a father, husband or wife, son, daughter, brother or sister, is a final opportunity to whisper “I’m sorry” – if necessary. But sometimes the opportunity is missed and the hurt remains, along with the burden of regret.

The essence of Our Lady’s message from Medjugorje is a call to repentance, to say “sorry”, to reconcile with God and each other. It is not a new message, but an essential one to act upon if we are to have peace in our heart.

“Sorry” is such a simple word to say standing on its own yet difficult enough to pronounce in front of others. But it needs to be said.

A heartfelt “sorry” said to to a hurting neighbour can touch the heart and become a passport to peace on earth – and to heaven. “Sorry” is a word that expresses love.

Perhaps the most reassuring words that can touch our hearts are: “Your sins are forgiven.”

Dear children, Today, with my motherly heart, I call you gathered around me to love your neighbour. My children, stop. Look in the eyes of your brother and see Jesus, my Son. If you see joy, rejoice with him. If there is pain in the eyes of your brother, with your tenderness and goodness, cast it away, because without love you are lost. Only love is effective; it works miracles. Love will give you unity in my Son and the victory of my heart. Therefore, my children, love.
September 2, 2008


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