Ride 4 Our Lady…

Some years ago, I remember seeing a group of “bikers” ride into Medjugorje one afternoon, clad in their leathers with the name of their Croatian bike club emblazoned on their backs. They parked their bikes directly opposite the front of the church before walking to St James and exploring the surroundings.

Now it has been announced that later this year, in April, Medjugorje is expecting to welcome a pilgrimage group of bikers.

The event is being organised by the Christian Association KUP-KARMEL, who for the past two years was responsible for the “Run to Our Lady” Marathon which completed its course in Medjugorje.

Robert Rukavina of KUP-KARMEL is hoping that a positive response will be taken up by biker clubs for this new initiative to bring people to discover the peace and grace that can be found at Medjugorje. The parish will be celebrating a special Holy Mass for deceased bikers with those who “Ride 4 Our Lady”.

further information: www.kup-karmel.com
source: Medjugorje Information Centre


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