Look, there is the Lamb of God!

Sometimes light can play tricks, especially at night, but I can’t help wondering when I photographed the Risen Christ at Medjugorje in March last year, if I really did see the “Lamb of God” at the head of the bronze sculpture.

Shown here are three enlargements of the head from full length shots of the figure taken at night.

Compare them to the above illustration and the one below which shows how the face of Christ normally appears to pilgrims on the ground. Did the sculptor intend to achieve this double image effect?

I have no problem with seeing an imposition of the “sacrificial Lamb” on the sculpture, especially at Medjugorje – where the Lamb of God takes away the sins of the world and grants us peace. I would be interested to hear the views of others on this. Email me.

Be purified of sins and in Jesus, my Son, recognise the sacrifice of atonement for the sins of the entire world. part message to Mirjana, March 2, 2008

These photographs of the “Lamb of God” were taken in Medjugorje five days later, March 7.

Just as John the Baptist pointed out Jesus as the Lamb of God to two disciples at the River Jordan, Our Lady is also telling us to repent of our sins though Jesus and recognise the ‘sacrifice of atonement’.

Looking at photographs of the Risen Christ taken by other photographers, the Lamb of God feature is often visible – if you know what to look for. Even though the sculptor has since confirmed the lamb’s head was not intended when he designed the figure, nevertheless the feature is there to be seen. It is visible but unrecognised. It requires pointing out, and even then, there are some who are unable to recognise the “lamb”.

Jesus, remained unrecognised in this way for 30 years until John the Baptist made reference to the Lamb of God: “Look, there is the lamb of God”. Hearing this, the two disciples followed Jesus. John 1 : 35-36


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