The Lasting Light…

With the season of Christmas drawing to a close, many of the decorative lights and glitter that can be seen in our homes, on trees, in stores and on the streets, will be dismantled, put away and stored for another year.

Although pretty and attractive, the electric lights are only artificial and not the authentic light that Our Lady speaks of in her message below. Far more brighter is the lasting light that God instills in those who choose to be torch bearers for truth and love. And this is the challenge that we are faced with after Christmas, to continue to be a shining light for others throughout the year.

Sometimes our own light can grow dim, overshadowed by the darkness within our world. It is only by surrendering to God that the source of all light can reach our heart and illuminate our life and the lives of others with God’s love and mercy.

Dear children! Today on the birthday of my Son, when my heart is filled with immeasurable joy and love, I invite you to open fully and surrender fully to God. Throw out all the darkness from your heart and let God’s light and God’s love enter your heart and dwell there forever. Be carriers of God’s light and love to all people, so everyone, in you and through you, can feel and experience the authentic light and love that only God is able to give you. I am blessing you with my motherly blessing! December 25, 1999


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