Allow yourself to be loved…

To be loved and to be able to love means to discover the purpose and joy of life independent of all life’s circumstances. The life of a person who is loved is filled with purpose. And the one who loves realises life in its fullness. The greater the love, the more giving, the more trusting a person is and the easier and more beautiful life becomes.

The Medjugorje visionaries give us the following words of Our Lady: Dear children, if you would only know how much I love you, you would weep for joy!

The deep recognition that we are loved and that we love is tied in with everything we experience and how we experience it. A man of today is often tired. He is tired not only physically, but he is bored with life. There is no greater hardship than the boredom suffered by a person who is tired of life. This kind of fatigue is deeply connected with a lack of love towards others and a lack of security of the love of others towards us. Every person desires to overcome the fatigue which makes us tired. However, there are cases when a person is so tired of life that he doesn’t even want to rest. Then the disconnection of life takes place. What does this mean?

The deepest rest is to be found in love and, with love, all fatigue is overcome. All life’s burdens and crosses become light. With love, it is easy to live and easy to die. Neither health nor sickness can endanger the one who loves and the one who knows that he is loved. When the soul is restful in love, success does not create conceit, and failure does not bring despair. Therefore, remember that you are loved so much by the Mother that your heart can weep with joy now. Remember that the Mother loves you and life’s fatugue will disappear and you will take joy in everything created and in every human being.

The Mother’s love is given to you unconditionally. It does not request anything from you except that you let yourself be loved. Do not allow yourself to be tired because of limited and conditional human love, but rather weep and sing with joy because of Our Lady’s love. Her love does not wait for you to become good in order for her to love you, but she loves you so that you can become better and continue to grow to the fullness for which your heart yearns.

With the exception of a mother, people usually wait for you to be the way they want you to be in order to love you. That is not the case here. As soon as you open yourself to Our Lady’s love, people around you will be happy, joyful, peaceful and be able to cope with life.

Pray that you can witness her love to every person, so that everyone will weep for joy because you love that person. We have enough reason and help to do this because God is sending a message to us through Mary: If you knew how much I love you, you would weep for joy!

Adapted from the book: In the School of Love, by Fr Slavko Barbaric OFM


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