Medjugorje Lady… I don’t think so!

I once backed a horse called Medjugorje Message (the temptation was too great!). Never again – and I think the owner must have said the same because I never saw the horse listed in any race after that. That costly exercise was about three years ago.

Now I see that there is a another horse racing under the Medjugorje name – Medjugorje Lady.

But don’t expect miracles with this nag either. It has had two outings. In its first race it was a complete outsider priced at 100-1. And sure enough the bookmakers were spot on in their judgement as she finished last out of 18 horses. That was at Leopardstown in Ireland.

Yesterday, at Leopardstown again, Jockey Brian Curtis rode Medjugorje Lady in her second race. This time there was a slight improvement in form when she finished 12th in a card of 18 runners.

But I am not tempted still.


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