Finding the love of the Mother

Pope Benedict XVI had this to say prior to his Apostolic visit to France and to the Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes:

“I was in Lourdes (before) on the occasion of the Eucharistic Congress, in 1981, after the assassination attempt on the Holy Father (John Paul II). And Cardinal Gantin was the delegate of the Holy Father. It is a very beautiful memory for me.

“The feast of St Bernadette is also my birthday (January 7). Because of this, I feel very close to this small saint, this young, pure, humble woman that spoke with the Virgin Mary.

“It is very important for me to experience this reality, this presence of the Virgin Mary in our lifetime, to see the path of this young person who was a friend of the Virgin Mary, and on the other hand to meet the Blessed Virgin, her mother. Naturally we are not going there to see miracles.

I am going to find the love of the Mother, which is the true cure for every pain and to be united to those who suffer, in the love of the Blessed Mother. This seems to me an important sign for our times.

source: zenit.orgphoto: AFP

Dear children! I, your Mother, love you and wish to urge you to prayer. I am tireless, dear children, and I am calling you even then, when you are far away from my heart. I am a Mother, and even though I feel pain for each one who goes astray, I forgive easily and am happy for every child who returns to me. Thank you for having responded to my call. November 14, 1985


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