Our Lady’s mission

by Fr Svetozar Kraljevic ofm

We are very limited in our ways of thinking: by our age, habits, mentality; and we do not see other possibilities. Therefore, when something new, unusual, surprising occurs, we seem almost dumbfounded and ask why. Why Our Lady? Why now? Why there? Why to these children?

One way of trying to stay in touch with the world is through television, newspapers, books, and many other sources of information. Being in touch through these sources, we tend to believe we are in touch with everything.

When, on television, we see a person dying of hunger, we think we are in touch with what is happening – in touch with that person. But such is not the case. We have lost touch with that dying person and his world. In other words, we have lost meaningful touch with much of the world, with other people, other human beings.

On the movie screen we see ‘stars’ who represent real people in real situations – but are they real, the people and the situations? “By their fruits you will know them” is the criterion we must apply.

Our newspapers and magazines often pander, in their frenzy to ‘make money,’ to the basest human instincts, to the most transient and superficial ‘needs’ of man, and thereby distort or pervert life itself.

With a vengeance, the same is true of television. Indeed, the mass media do not judge success by the good they do in promoting the well-being of man, but in dollars and cents; and we know that commercial success and the well-being of man do not necessarily go hand in hand. Even the Church, very often, seems to have reconciled herself to secular preoccupations. When she raises her lonely voice in the modern wilderness, the world chooses not to listen, as if the Church were an infant and therefore unable to tell grown-ups what to do.

Thus Our Lady has become a prophetess for our time, which has lost touch with itself and with God. Thus we learn the answer to the question: Why Our Lady? She wants to put us in touch again. Therefore she has come to Medjugorje, and thus to the world.

Adapted from the book: The Apparitions of Our Lady of Medjugorje, by Svetozar Kraljevic, published by Information Centre Mir Medjugorje.


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