With this rosary I bind my children…


• This is such a powerful picture of a mother’s love for her children and a child’s love for the mother. It reminds me of the wonderful prayer: With this rosary I bind my children to the Immaculate Heart of Mary for her guidance and protection.

See how the daughter binds her arms around her mother’s neck. See how the mother looks into the eyes of her son, her hands ‘locked’ in his with fingers entwined, and one hand held against her heart. And then there is the joy and happiness so beautifully expressed in each face. Finally there is the makeshift rosary around the mother’s wrist. Powerful, strong links that bind her children to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

And what a joy it is when a child is reunited with its mother. No wonder there is joy when Our Lady Queen of Peace comes to unite herself with her children in Medjugorje.

Little children, I am with you, and I love you and I bless you and I wish for every one of you to be in my embrace. You cannot be in my embrace if you are not ready to pray every day. August 25, 1995

How Ingrid Betancourt and her family must have prayed every day during her six-year captivity! Prayers answered.

You, little children, be my extended hands and by your example draw them closer to my Heart and the Heart of my Son. November 25, 2004


Take a close look at the picture above and the links around the right wrist of freed French hostage Ingrid Betancourt.

She wore the same links in captivity (pictured).

Do these represent her rosary? I think so!

On release she publicly thanked God and the Virgin Mary, among others. The former Colombian presidential candidate described her release in a bloodless operation by the Colombian army as a ‘miracle of the Virgin Mary’.

• Since first posting this item I have come across an excellent account which seems to confirm that the links are in fact Ingrid’s ‘beads’. Please visit Sheila Liauminas’ InForum Blog for further details.


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