Fr Jozo commentary on May message

Dear children! In this time of grace, when God has permitted me to be with you, little children, I call you anew to conversion. Work on the salvation of the world in a special way while I am with you. God is merciful and gives special graces, therefore, seek them through prayer. I am with you and do not leave you alone. Thank you for having responded to my call. Message of May 25, 2008.

My dear ones! Once again from the depths of motherly tender care and pure love does this message pour out.

No, I cannot call it a message. It is far more than that, and something quite different. It is not a message that the Queen of Peace is giving me; rather she is giving me a heart by which she opens my eyes to see that her presence among us is a gift of God to all his children. She is present with us with permission, which means in the power and strength of the Holy Spirit, pronouncing her fiat today on Podbrdo as she once did in Nazareth. It is not a message but the gladdest tidings. It is the Gospel. It is the new beginning of a better world. We feel and hear the explanation like once from the Archangel Gabriel at Nazareth: “Do not be afraid, Virgin, for you have found favour with God. Behold, you will conceive and bear a Son.” This same God who sent Gabriel is sending Mary, Mother and Virgin, and she calls us to conversion. This is what Gabriel explained: everything is possible for God; in other words, nothing is impossible for God.

Yes, I can become converted by the power of the Holy Spirit, by God’s mercy and love that opens the eyes of the blind, that cures the sick, and raises the dead. My God can, if only I let him, convert me completely, that is, change my heart of stone. He can open my blind eyes to finally see his face in every man, especially in a poor and suffering man. To see and to recognise him in all his creatures, in all gifts and graces he gives. Yes, he only can make me hear his Word and follow him. He can convert me and strip off the garment of haughtiness and disobedience to God and his will and clothe me in the garment of humbleness and holiness. Yes, he can make that my words, and my life’s deeds and trials may leave behind peace and a sign of holiness for all.

This warmness of Our Lady’s words that she is with us, with her dear children, is the spring of our joy and our peace. That is why we must hear this cry of the Mother and Queen, not as a message but rather as a truth about the change of this world. [I call you anew, little children, to conversion.” Is there any other programme that God can offer to his prodigal son?! Is there any other way pr bridge to my God except conversion? Dare I, after all, remain indifferent while listening to this cry as a call to the only right way, the only choice, the only answer to all our questions and our troubles?!

For twenty-seven years now the have visionaries, pilgrims, parishioners and all those who love and accept Medugorje, been working on the change of the world, by literally living Our Lady’s messages. While she is still with us we must, with more enthusiasm and love, work on the change of the world, on the conversion of the world.

Salvation is a gift of God, but it flows and happens through the people who are obedient to God and His will. The picture of today’s world is a picture without God. As a consumer, man has turned to goods and products, he is preoccupied with things and with thinking hard how to get them. The picture of the world has been broken. The family has been broken, and the man is lost. The way that many have chosen is a way of pleasure, a way of flesh, a way of selfishness, and ultimately a way without God.

Where can a light come from into this abyss of darkness? Where from to hear the word that the deaf do not receive any more?!

The frightening world of technology enslaves every man, deprives him of his privacy, and disfigures him, robbing him of the time that he should have for himself and his family. Who wants a world of terror, disorder, egoists, self-servers? Where is the way out?

On our knees; in prayer. Our help is the one that comes from our Lord. He needs us and our YES.

God is merciful and his mercy cannot be surpassed or overwhelmed by our sin. He has come to be a way for all of us, to show it to those who stray. He is Love that is eager to cure our hearts from our blind, self-love. He is Peace that is offered to us to set us free form all our anxieties and fears. We should again listen to his Word echoing in all hearts and passing as truth through all times: “I have redeemed you and you are mine. I have called you by name. I love you. I have inscribed your name on the palm of my hand. You are continually before me. You are precious to me and I love you. It may happen that a mother forgets her child, her nurseling, but it cannot happen that I forget you, that I remember you not. And when you pass through the waters, they will not overflow you, or walk through the fire it will not scorch you. Because I will be with you. I love you.” (Cf. Is 43)

This divine Word is truth. It is Love. This crucified and totally granted love should be responded to. Do we really have the heart and courage to remain uninterested before this world that is crumbling down in the darkness of sin and violence, godlessness and misconception? There is a remedy for these illnesses; there is an answer to all these questions; there is grace for all these needs; there is a handkerchief for all these tears; there is a key to this closed door of peace and happiness, love and blessing. It is prayer. This is what we can do before the merciful God: to seek through prayer all the necessary graces. For in this world can pray only the one who feels with the Church, with the Lord who died so that nobody may perish, with Our Lady who says she will never leave us alone.

It is this that touches us most in our call to conversion and the change of the world. I feel responsible for this world. I must do whatever She tells us. In Cana of Galilee she asked the servants to fill the water pots with water, to do whatever Jesus said to them. I have to pluck up courage and make this step today: to hear the Mother literally and do whatever she asks. It is obedient and humble servants who bring necessary graces to the world. Let us be such servants. It is just for this reason that we have been called to live the messages, this beautiful and clear lesson and plea of Our Lady is Nazarene upbringing in which we must grow.

Be daring and do everything. Start praying and fasting with a new zeal so that the plan of God and of Our Lady – the salvation of the world – may be realised!


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