Risen Christ ‘miracle’ claim fractured?

For some six years, water has been oozing from the right knee of the Risen Christ sculpture in Medjugorje – almost constantly – in freezing weather and in blazing sunshine.

Tens of thousands of pilgrims regard the phenomenon as ‘miraculous’, but the parish authorities have never made any official comment, preferring to keep silent on the matter.

Many questions have been asked over the years as to just how is it possible for water to seep from the knee so consistently and in all weather climes.

Varied theories are put forward, but none ever provide a satisfactory answer, hence the claims that the happening is ‘miraculous’. Some even maintain that the water has resulted in ‘healings’.

There are two locations where the water begins to seep from before the droplets slide down the bronze leg. Many pilgrims are unable to put a hand on this area because it is too high for them to reach.

But now, recent photographs show clearly that there are definitely two ‘fractures’ in the metal, very close to each other, from which the water oozes, which suggests that water is somehow stored inside the hollow bronze sculpture for it to ‘weep’ from the cracks in the metal.

Because of the height from the ground where the cracks appear – about three metres – they are not always obvious to the eye, especially when much of the metal is pitted.

As to how the water gets inside the sculpture, this is a question yet to be answered. Can it be ‘miraculous’ or is there an acceptable, natural explanation? And how does the water ‘pump’ itself out from the cracks? For certain, we know now that the water does not just appear miraculously on the surface. It seeps through two fractures.

I am reliably informed that there is concrete in the legs at the base of the sculpture – to give it stability – to a level of about three metres. The rest of the sculpture is hollow.

All this raises doubt as to the ‘miraculous’ nature of what is happening with the Risen Christ sculpture. Further investigation may prove that the ‘weeping” phenomenon is just a very ordinary occurrence.

But on this possibility, one observer wisely comments: “The water dripping from the wounded knee may be likened with the spring in the grotto at Lourdes. Both sources may have a natural explanation, but this does not preclude divine intervention and miraculous cures.”


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