What am I to do with Jesus, who is called Christ?

Pilate said to them:
“What am I to do with Jesus, who is called Christ?”
Matthew 27 : 22

announce him
conceive him
carry him
recognise him
receive him
proclaim him
praise him
bear him
swaddle him
cradle him
hold him
reveal him
seek him
speak of him
glorify him
present him
circumcise him
sacrifice for him
take him in your arms
wonder about him
mother him
protect him
search for him
discover him
question him
live with him
treasure him
anoint him
favour him
tempt him
worship him
serve him
guard him
listen to him
look at him
approve him
doubt him
hustle him
rage at him
wait on him
go to him
speak to him
look for him
prevent him
press him
obey him
kneel before him
confess to him
follow him
believe in him
be healed by him
find a way to him
have faith in him
think about him
challenge him
eat with him
drink with him
talk with him
walk with him
respond to him
test him
deal with him
answer him
hear him
Touch him
imitate him
be true to him
ask of him
plead with him
respect him
honour him
acknowledge him
please him
kiss him
inform him
wait for him
travel with him
sail with him
rouse him
implore him
witness to him
dismiss him
welcome him
laugh at him
receive from him
die for him
keep silent for him
report to him
rejoice in him
learn from him
answer to him
complain to him
care for him
knock for him
be with him
gather with him
sit with him
attack him
force him
trap him
declare for him
disown him
speak against him
blaspheme him
trust him
prepare for him
build for him
return to him
decide for him
serve him
thank him
pester him
beg from him
reconcile with him
bless him
cry out for him
endorse him
endure for him
stay awake for him
have confidence in him
plot against him
betray him
stand by him
deny him
pray with him
defend him
run from him
seize him
imprison him
mock him
beat him
blind him
insult him
accuse him
flog him
“crucify him”
condemn him
support him
remain with him
watch with him
jeer him
identify him
surrender to him
accompany him
claim him
take him
shroud him
carry him
entomb him
run to him
discuss him
recognise him
worship him

Source: Gospel according to St Luke.


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