Meeting with Jesus…

Yesterday, Our Lady said through the visionary Marija that we should spend more time in prayer and Adoration of Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar, because we are far from God. The Living Presence in the Eucharist often presents a challenge to many –how is this possible? We simply know that it is because Jesus said so at the Last Supper, “This is my Body, this is my Blood.”

Most of the Gospel readings this week highlight the struggle the disciples have in recognising Jesus, when he appears to them after his death and subsequent resurrection.

When Jesus stands before Mary outside the tomb, the woman from Magdala doesn’t recognise him – until he calls her by name. She thinks at first he is the gardener. (Tuesday)

The two disciples who meet with Jesus on the road to Emmaus do not recognise him until very late in the day. It is only when Jesus sits down with them, takes the bread and says the blessing, that their eyes are opened to the truth of the Resurrection (Wednesday).When the two disciples report back to the others, Jesus turns up again. And still doubt is in the minds of some of the followers until Jesus reveals his wounds. (Thursday)

Lastly, when seven of the disciples listen to a man that shows up on the shoreline and they fish on the starboard side of the boat as instructed, they still fail to recognise Jesus. It is John that the truth dawns upon, just as the morning light begins to break through the darkness of the night. (Friday)

Recognising and accepting Jesus, even by those who profess to know him, it not always easy. And when we fail to recognise or acknowledge anyone, the likelihood is that we shall decide not to spend time in their company. But we know by these Gospel examples, that it is Jesus who fulfills his promise of always being with us – I will make my home among them and live with them; I will be their God and they shall be my people (2 Corinthians 6 : 16)

Whenever we lose sight of Jesus, the Temple is always the first place to look for him. Mary and Joseph discovered this truth. Time spent with Jesus in prayer and adoration and acknowledging the Living Presence will, as our Lady says, fill our hearts with a living faith. And then we will be able to see and recognise Jesus when he presents himself in the most unexpected places, as he always does.


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