The Hidden Child of Medjugorje

Sr Emmanuel of Medjugorje has a new book published recently:
The Hidden Child of Medjugorje

Some reviews about the new publication…

• Throughout time, man has been in quest of security, of peace, and of happiness; however, rare are those who divine that their quest is in reality a quest for God. In her new book, The Hidden Child of Medjugorje, Sister Emmanuel brings a precious contribution to the understanding of this aspiration. As the pages are turned, this book reveals itself to be a guide. It enables us to reach an end which is none other than the Hidden Child, the Child Jesus. In the apparitions of Medjugorje, this Divine Child hides Himself so well in His Mother that at first sight, one pays Him no attention. But whoever finds the Mother, finds the Son. Thus will it be for all who read this book. Fr Paul Maria Sigel

• Reading Medjugorje, the 90s had left me dazzled and so deeply touched that it literally pulled me to Medjugorje. I just had to see with my own eyes the spiritual wonders retold in that book. Now, with “The Hidden Child of Medjugorje”, the ember of love for Mary has received a new breath of air – a Pentecost wind. Sr Emmanuel is indeed one of Mary’s best voices! Msgr Denis Crouteau OMI

Books are like seashells; at first they all look alike. However, they are far from being identical and their value varies greatly. Some of them are packed with riches and so well written, that they hide rare pearls within. Sister Emmanuel’s book is one of those; it contains the most beautiful pearls, and with them enriches the reader… Through this book, one will explore more fully a way still too little known: the way of the Queen of Peace.Fr Jozo Zovko, OFM

The Hidden Child of Medjugorje is available to purchase from the Children of Medjugorje website:


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