Medjugorje questions and answers with Marija

This interview with the visionary Marija first appeared in Glas Mira magazine and has been adapted from Mir International magazine (1998).

Marija, what was your first meeting with Gospa like on June 25, 1981?
• I could not have even dreamt that Gospa would ever appear to me. When it did happen, when Gospa appeared for the first time, I remember I could not sleep. I continued to ask myself, why me, why us? We had a mixture of fear and joy. Although when the Gospa was with us, we only felt a great joy.

How did you know that the woman you saw, was Gospa?
• By her looks. On the first day she appeared with the Child Jesus in her arms. She did not look like a person living amongst us. This was evident from her beauty, her robes, everything looked supernatural.

Will you describe one of your meetings with Gospa? Do you pray before apparitions? How do you know that Gospa is coming?
• At the very beginning for a few times we did not know when Gospa would come, at what time. Every time we asked whether she would come the next day, she would usually say: tomorrow, at the same time, or at midnight or at 2am, when she asked us to pray novenas for her intentions. Every time we asked her and we prepared ourselves with prayer for her coming. A few seconds before her appearance, appeared the light, which to this day comes three times.

What do you talk about with Our Lady? Does she speak first, or do you? Do you put questions to her?
• From the very beginning we have been used to talking with Gospa in the way she wishes and how long she wishes. She allows us to put a few questions to her, to recommend some people to her. When Gospa remains silent we know we can ask her some questions. Then, for instance, we pray in a special way for A sick child, or for a priest because priests are Gospa’s beloved sons. In this way Gospa often stays and allows us to recommend the needy to her.

Where has Gospa appeared to during this year? Have the apparitions been bound to a particular place and time?
• Gospa has never bound herself to a place. However, for us, the place of an apparition is the right place. Now Gospa is appearing in our homes. Every day we have apparitions at 19.45 hours. Wherever I am, at home or on a journey, Gospa appears to me at that time. When we know that she is coming, we prepare ourselves ourselves with the Rosary at 18.00 hours. In spirit we are linked to Medjugorje and to the Medjugorje church, because that is how Gospa had wished it from the beginning, after the police forbade us the access to the Hill. When we asked Gospa what to do, she told us to go to the church where we should be protected. Thus Gospa asked for the Rosary to be said and the Holy Mass to be celebrated.

Earlier on you mentioned Gospa’s looks. Will you describe her to us in more detail, if it is at all possible in human words?
• Gospa appears as a person and it is impossible to describe her looks, the beauty of her face, nose and mouth. When painters arrive and ask us to describe Gospa, it is simply impossible. Every day Gospa wears a grey dress, a white veil and a crown of stars. She has never touched the ground but has always come on a cloud. For instance, on certain feast days, like Christmas, she wears robes interwoven with gold, much more beautiful. At the same time with Gospa comes the light, which gives her even greater beauty, a supernatural one – – divine – that we feel at that moment, because with her there is no darkness, no shadows. We have fallen in love with her and we are prepared to sacrifice everything for her. Not only are we connected to her, she loves us and leads us to God. This is our profound experience.

The first time Gospa appeared with the Child Jesus in her arms. Has she appeared ever again with the Child in her arms?
• It happens every year on Christmas Day. Then we feel joy and the fullness of the presence of the Little Jesus. The first time when Gospa appeared with the Little Jesus, He looked at us twice and the third time when He turned to her, He winked at her. From that moment we fell in love with the Little Jesus. We understood that God loved us and that was why He sent His Mother to us. When we are happy we speak to the Gospa about Jesus, about His beauty and about what we have experienced during these past years.

Has Gospa ever told you specifically why she chose you six young people and the parish of Medjugorje?
• Right at the beginning we asked her why she chose us specifically as we had never been among the best. She told us that God allowed her to choose us and the parish of Medjugorje because there have been still some faithful left in it.

Many people are asking why the apparitions have lasted so long?
• Because Gospa loves us, and I can truly see that it is all out of love.

Can you say something generally about the secrets received by the visionaries? Are they all the same for you?
• I know that some are the same as she had given them to us at the same time, and the others are different. Gospa told us to keep them until the time she says that we can reveal them.

These secrets are concerned with the parish of Medjugorje, the future of the world and the Church. Is this correct?
• Yes, it is correct.

One of these secrets is also a sign which the Queen of Peace promised to leave on Apparition Hill. Do you know when this will happen and what sort of sign it is?
• I know what sort of sign it is but Gospa has not said when it will happen.

It was stated in a magazine that we shall be able to see this sign but not all will be able to touch it. Is this correct?
• I do not know.

Gospa gives messages through you on 25th of every month. Why has she chosen you particularly?
• Every time the moment of the message arrives I am in crisis. I pray and fast and prepare myself specifically for this encounter. I know that this time is a special time of grace, this 25th of each month. Every time I can see that Gospa speaks with great depth. At the very beginning she spoke for the parish, and later when the people started coming from other parts of the world, she began leading us on the path of holiness in a concrete, spiritual way. I can see that people have followed all the messages right from the beginning and they are becoming holy through Medjugorje and the Queen of Peace.

Some messages are longer than others. Do you remember them every time?
• After the apparition, I write them down immediately. There is a small group of people who immediately translate the message and send it on. When Gospa is giving a message I experience the depth of her words, their beauty. Each time I ask God to help me to remember them.

Looking back, can you say in what way your life has changed because of the apparitions?
• My life has totally changed. The first thing, for me, God is not far away in the heavens, unreachable. I can see Him here beside me. He acts through thousands of people around me and around my family. At the same time, Gospa’s presence helped me a great deal to discover God, to decide for holiness. Had there been no Gospa and her apparitions, I would not have lived in the way I live now.

You live a large part of the year with your family in northern Italy, which is industrial and where life is fast. Is it possible to slow down and dedicate yourself to the family prayer?
• If I do not plan the day, I can see that it dissipates on trifles, trivial things that are not important. I plan my time and I always have time for the Holy Mass and for reading the Bible. Notwithstanding the fast rhythm of life, I can find time for prayer. If you love God, you find time.

What is it like to be a visionary in today’s world?
• Wonderful! Although our life is hard, we are constantly with the pilgrims and we must always be an example in speech, in dress, and in the family. Gospa says: Decide for holiness. Today it is difficult to be a Christian because the world is offering much easier life to us, but I decided thus and I would never change it.

What can we do for Gospa?
• Gospa asks us to come closer to her, and her aim if for us to fall in love with God through her – that God may be in the centre of our life.

What would you recommend to the world after all these messages which Gospa has been giving?
• Gospa asks us to live and to accept her messages. She says that we are all in her plans. It means that all of us can help in the realities of her messages.

The main messages are those of peace. Peace comes only through prayer, through God, peace in our families, peace in our hearts, peace in the world. Gospa says that every prayer with the heart is dear to God. That is why she asks us to pray until prayer becomes a joy to us. And she specifically asks us to say the Rosary because this prayer is particularly dear to her.

She asks us to put the bible in a visible place in our family and to read it every day. In the same way she reminds us to ask for a blessing from God before we start any work.

In the same way she calls us to fast, saying that with prayer and fasting, even wars can be prevented, and not only in the world but also in our hearts, in our families.

We are unhappy, and that is why Gospa calls us to convert, to change, to put God in the first place. She invited us to choose a priest as a spiritual leader so that we may go to him to confession and thus come closer to God. And also that the Holy Mass must be in the centre of our life.


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