Christmas choices

Have the Christmas sales catalogues started arriving at your home yet? It’s not yet December and already the postman’s bag is getting heavier by the day with the amount of Christmas offers he is assigned to pop through our letterboxes.

This morning I received a glossy brochure from Hotel Chocolat presenting its wide range of Christmas products. I was tempted to go beyond the cover. Page 2 enticed me even further with a slogan saying: “Christmas isn’t a season, it’s a feeling…”. As my eyes glanced across to the opposite page, another tempting call, strategically placed in the bottom right corner where my finger was ready to turn the page, said “Surrender…”. I did and turned the leaf to the next seduction spread. “New Christmas Chocolates…” ran the headline, and underneath followed more enticing text which I shall share with you:

“The thrill and excitement of Christmas encapsulated in gorgeous new recipes for the whole family and anyone else who might drop in, presented in fabulous new keepsake boxes. Velvety praline filled snowmen to melt in the mouth, cosy caramels, vivacious real fruit ganaches, premium solid chocolate, luscious truffles softened with champagne, warming rum and raisin and much more. A hand finished product simple bursting with Christmas spirit.”

Tempted? Well this alcohol-free selection of just 16 chocolates will set you back £12.50, or about 25 U.S. dollars!

I didn’t get beyond page 4. My heart said no when I saw the price. My heart rejected the temptation because I suddenly remembered that for less than half the cost I can feed a child for a whole year! That’s right – feed a child for a whole year! Not only that, I can include an education at school in with the same cost – that’s even better than a two-for-one deal!

Mary’s Meals is a global campaign set up by Scottish International Relief (a fruit of Medjugorje). It is an initiative that sets up school-feeding projects in communities where poverty blocks children from gaining an education.

Mary’s Meals is currently feeding over 200,000 children daily in Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia and Latin America. It costs from just £5.30 or €9 to feed a child in school for a whole year.

You pay your money and you take your choice. I know what my choice will be this Christmas – and it won’t be chocolate!

You can find out everything about Mary’s Meals at it’s website, – it even publishes its accounts on line, so you know exactly where the money goes.

But of you prefer the luxury chocolate choice then check in at Hotel Chocolat.


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