Medjugorje… ‘confessional’ of the world

In Sunday’s Gospel (Luke 18 : 9-14), two men stand before God in prayer, but only one leaves the Temple at rights with God – the tax collector who confessed to being a sinner and asked for God’s mercy.

The Gospels that were read at Mass during the past week spoke about the need to be prepared to meet God and to repent of our sins, that we should not be idle or unprepared and get distracted by what the world offers. Our eyes and heart are to be be focused on the direction we are heading: life after death. Jesus makes it very clear that to achieve this we must repent of our sins – we must reconcile with God and each other.

This is the same message that Our Lady came with on the third day of the apparitions at Medjugojre: Peace, peace, peace. Be reconciled! Only peace! Make your peace with God and with each other.

Anyone who has ever been to Medjugorje will speak of the long lines of pilgrims waiting to confess their sins and to reconcile – a sight seldom seen anywhere else in the world. Reconciliation, the forgotten and much-neglected Sacrament of the Church is happening big-time in Medjugorje. It is the Sacrament that most convinces visiting priests of the authenticity of Our Lady’s apparitions at Medjugorje.

Fig trees are bearing fruit once more.


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