Giving and receiving…

Some thoughts on the Rosary’s Joyful Mysteries…

• Everything I have in life is gift from God… my very life is such a gift… a gift is a present… it is given. There are two actions involved in making a gift or presentation – giving and receiving. To receive, I have to be present or present myself in some way. By making myself present or available, I am also giving of myself. Each Joyful Mystery is linked by a presentation theme… a present or gift.

The Annunciation: Mary is presented with the good news – the gift of Jesus in her womb. Mary gives of herself when she says, yes. She presents herself to accept or receive the gift.

The Visitation: Mary and Jesus present themselves to Elizabeth and the child in her womb, John. Elizabeth acknowledges the visitation; first giving praise to Jesus: “Blessed is the fruit of your womb,” and then to Mary: “Why should I be honoured with a visit from the mother of my Lord?” Even the child in Elizabeth’s womb, an unexpected gift from God, is delighted and leaps for joy! Mary, too, then proclaims the gift of Jesus when she responds with the Magnificat.

The Nativity: Wise men, kings and shepherds present themselves to Jesus. Mary presents Jesus to the world, rich and poor. Jesus offers Peace to all men; but not everyone will present or give of themselves to receive and accept the gift.

The Presentation: Mary and Joseph present Jesus to God. Two doves are also presented as sacrifice. Simeon is given the gift of enlightenment and recognises God’s gift to the world and the hearts of mankind.

Finding Jesus in the Temple: The discovery of the ever-present Jesus in the hearts of men – an eternal present, an everlasting gift. Jesus gives of himself in the Temple, is present with the doctors, listening and giving answers to their questions.



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