October message to Mirjana

This is the message given today by Our Lady to the visionary Mirjana.

Dear children, I call you to accompany me in my mission of God with an open heart and complete trust. The way on which I lead you, through God, is difficult but persevering and in the end we will all rejoice through God. Therefore, my children, do not stop praying for the gift of faith. Only through faith will the Word of God be light in this darkness which desires to envelop us. Do not be afraid, I am with you. Thank you.

• Our Lady speaks of her role as a missionary and invites us to follow her on this difficult road. For this it is necessary to persevere, have an open heart, and complete trust and faith.

In today’s Gospel (Luke 9 : 51-56), Jesus, too, is a man on a mission as he resolutely takes the road to Jerusalem. Jesus is not alone. He leads his disciples on a journey that requires perseverance, faith and complete trust if his mission is to be completed. Like Our Lady, he has despatched messengers ahead to make preparations for the journey. But not all will listen. While John and James hesitate on the road and express a desire to bring down fire from heaven on those who have closed their hearts, Jesus turns and rebukes the two disciples, making it very clear that this is not his mission in life. He then perseveres with his journey on to another village where hearts may open to receive him.


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