Bishop welcomes new Medjugorje pastor

Medjugorje’s new parish priest Fr Petar Vlašić (pictured left) was solemnly introduced in his new role at the Mass yesterday.

According to the liturgical rite, Mons. Ratko Perić, the local bishop (pictured right), gave the new parish priest the keys of the church and tabernacle, and Fr Vlašić confessed his faith in front of the faithful. With his hand on the Bible, he promised to announce the Good News and to serve his parishioners faithfully, as well as fidelity to the Catholic Church and to his bishop. With inspiring words, Mons. Ratko Perić underlined his respect for Fr Vlašić.

During Holy Mass, Fr Vlašić thanked the two Franciscans who are leaving Medjugorje: Fr Ivan Sesar who has been elected a provincial, and Fr Ljubo Kurtović who has been appointed master of the Seminarians in Zagreb. Fr Petar welcomed two new priests in the parish: Fr Miljenko Šteko and Fr Danko Perutina, and the new deacon Brother Vjekoslav Milićević.

The parish priest cordially thanked the bishop for coming personally to introduce him in his new role.

source and image: Information Centre ‘Mir’ Medjugorje


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