A sign of the times…

When I read the report reproduced in the previous post below, of the fire on Apparition Hill and Marija’s efforts in helping douse it, I couldn’t help but liken the crisis to the actions of Our Lady in Medjugorje.

Like any mother, Marija wanted to protect her property, her children and those around her from the fire that was making its way down the hill and toward the road and the houses in Bijakovici.

I compare this with Our Lady seeing her children very close to the fires of hell and nothing being done to avert the danger. She does not sit back without concern and let the threat continue. Instead, with God’s blessing, she takes action and presents herself to call on people and raise the alarm.

The message goes out (from Marija!) – we are in danger of being consumed! The people take her call seriously and respond with water, brooms and shovels, and whatever else they have at hand that will serve to avert the danger.

The water is particularly significant as it represents prayer and is a grace. So we see Marija amongst the people, some who become tired and weary with trying to quench the fire, fetching and carrying buckets of water from one to another, in relay – an action akin to prayer on the beads of the rosary! But we have been told that the rosary can work miracles – and it does!

All that is left is for Marija is to thank those who responded to her call and to lead everyone in prayer of thanksgiving that the danger has been averted.

I think we can learn spiritually and understand a lot from the many recent disasters around the world effected by extreme weather conditions, but especially from the fire on the hill at Medjugorje.

I sense it is a visual sign to alert us to the danger to our souls if we do not attempt to quench the evil that surrounds us with the flowing grace that comes with prayer – an action Our Lady constantly calls us to commit to.

This analogy may help us to remain alert (just as Marija stayed up all night, cautiously watching the fire get closer). By being attentive we will not forget the reason why Our Lady is still amongst us in Medjugorje. The danger has not gone away.


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