Step one…

The early rocker Eddie Cochran wrote and sang about there being “Three Steps to Heaven”. Our Lady’s approach is much different, but she makes it very clear in her message given through Mirjana this month that there are steps to take.

In this message she outlines the first step, the first station as she calls it, and that is confession, or reconciliation as it is better known these days.

Very early on in her apparitions at Medjugorje, on the third day, she also made it very clear that the first step in obtaining the peace that comes from Heaven, from the Father, is reconciliation – both with God and with each other.

Peace, Peace Peace! Be reconciled. Only Peace, Make you peace with God and among yourselves.

This is the core of the Medjugorje messages – reconciliation. This is the Sacrament, the gift from God, that convinces visiting priests that all that is happening at Medjugorje is valid.

The rest of Our Lady’s messages simply teach us how to remain on the path to Heaven, to Paradise, and the steps we should take. And as Our Lady states in her message to Mirjana, she is there to take each hand that is offered, to lead us along the way, up the mountain, to follow Jesus, the Way of the Cross.


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