infoto • 1

From time to time I am asked if there is a story behind a paticular photo I have taken in Medjugorje. The simple answer, in most cases, is yes. So I would like to begin sharing these on an occasional basis. The series will simply be titled infoto. If you happen to miss any of the stories that appear on this blog you can catch them again on the Medjugorje Gallery

• The first photo of the series features Tania, a young lady who worked in India with Mother Teresa for two years before coming to Medjugorje on a week’s pilgrimage. That was seven years ago and she has remained ever since, helping where she can at Mother’s Village. You will always find Tania close to the front at the 7.30 Croatian Mass in the morning and most days she climbs the Hill of Apparitions or Mt Krizevac – in her bare feet. This photo of Tania was taken in June 2007 as she waits for the evening Mass and Adoration to begin on the outside altar. She is truly one of God’s angels and has a wonderful sense of humour.


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