Feast of Saints Peter and Paul

The first reading of the vigil Mass for the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul, tells of a beggar, a cripple from birth, who is healed through prayer when Peter says: “I have neither silver or gold, but I will give you what I have: In the name of Jesus Christ, the Nazarene, walk!”

Earlier this month, I was in Medjugorje at the same time when another Peter – Fr Peter Mary Rookey – was there. He also was approached at “the beautiful gate” outside the sacristy of St James by pilgrims seeking healing through his prayer. I posted some pictures of Fr Rookey in the Medjugorje Gallery. These prompted an email from Sarah with the following story about Fr Peter:

I was in Medugorje September 2006 when this wonderful “Man of Miracles”, Father Peter Mary Rookey, of the Order of Servants of Mary, was asked to bless a young Irish lad, in his 20’s, in a wheelchair. Father blessed the man, and said the words: “Silver and gold I have not, but what I have I give you. Would you please stand up and walk!” And the young man slowly, with surprise and joy on his face, stood up, then took three halting steps to Father Rookey and fell into his arms weeping with joy. Later, getting onto our buses, we saw the young man walk over with some from his pilgrimage group to again thank God and Fr Rookey.

• This is the “Miracle Prayer’ that Fr Peter Rookey promotes and invites all of us to say daily.

Lord Jesus, I come before you just as I am. I am sorry for my sins. I repent of my sins, please forgive me. In your name I forgive all others for what they have done against me. I renounce satan, the evil spirits and all their works. I give you my entire self, Lord Jesus, now and forever. I invite you into my life, Jesus. I accept you as my Lord, God and Saviour. Heal me, change, me, strengthen me in body, soul and spirit.

Come, Lord Jesus, cover me with your precious blood, and fill me with your Holy Spirit. I love you, Lord Jesus, I praise you, Jesus. I thank you, Jesus. I shall follow you every day of my life. Amen.

Mary, my mother. Queen of Peace, St Peregrine, the cancer saint, all you Angels and saints, please help me. Amen.

Fr Rookey says that if we say this prayer faithfully, no matter how we feel, when we come to the point where we sincerely mean each word, with all our heart, something good spiritually will happen to us. We will experience Jesus, and HE will change our whole life, and that we will see this.


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