Mirjana scientifically tested again.

In a recent meeting with pilgrims outside her house in Medjugorje, and in response to a question about the new commission, the visionary Mirjana spoke about how she had recently undergone scientific tests.

Q: Has Our Lady spoken about the new Church commission studying Medjugorje?

A: Personally I have never asked Our Lady about this. The way I thought was: anything that can help people to understand better and to accept her messages, I am ready to do it. It is not easy always to do it. For example, the latest commission that we had, I was the one who was tested and it took over two days. There were over 1,000 questions from the psychiatrists and machinery all over my body. And an interesting thing happened: they put me on a lie detector, you know, like in American movies, and they also hypnotised me when they put me on the lie detector. Under hypnosis they brought me back to the apparition. So in order to make a long story short, because it took two days of investigation, their conclusion was: before my eyes, I have something supernatural, and it is beautiful, according to the way my body was reacting. They as experts cannot say whether I see God or Jesus or angels, but it is something beautiful and supernatural. And if that can help and give a hand for the people to accept Medjugorje, then I am ready to do it.

Q: Was the commission established by the Vatican, or the local diocese?

A: I really do not know exactly, because whatever the priests tell us to do, we just do it. I’ve never asked who was really standing behind it because it does not make any difference to me. Our friars, our priests, were for that, so I did it.


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