Many people spend their lives pondering about their past, burdened by the fear of future, so they are never able to live today. It is today that you can decide to do something good for yourself and your soul. Today you can pray boldly, you can believe and you can surrender your day and your life to God. Today you can begin some work which you have postponed, or fulfill some obligation which is waiting for you, and you are afraid to finish it. Today you can look into your heart and recognise your deepest yearning for God. Today you can enrich your day and times in which you live. We live only once on this Earth, and it is like a theatre stage. This day is given to you only once. It will not return again. What you miss today, you cannot bring back. It is today that we make decision about the eternity, not after the death. If we choose God, justice, truth and goodness today, we will enjoy them in eternity. Time is a gift in which we can grow to our full size which God intended for us.

Fr Ljubo Kurtovic OFM, part of the commentary on the April message of Our Lady. • Full text at: Shrine of the Queen of Peace


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