Mary and the Cross

Where we find Mary, we find the Cross. Clearly this is so in Medjugorje. There is no escape. The white statue (pictured above) that stands close to St James’ church is always a gathering place for pilgrims, either to pray or to meet.

Our Lady, with her left hand extended, is calling – but not to herself, it seems. She is surrounded by railings – fenced off. But see how she offers instead her Son and our Saviour, Jesus, on the Cross fixed to the railings. We can touch and even kiss the Crucifix. There is no restriction. It is even at a height for little children to reach comfortably. For adults, the more natural approach is by kneeling. And we see from this position that Our Lady’s pose is one of presentation.

In the photo below, the statue marks the spot on Podbrdo where Our Lady first appeared, carrying baby Jesus in her arms. She gestured with her hand for the visionaries to come closer. June 24, 1981: the first call, the first presentation of her Son at Medjugorje. And still she continues to call – and present


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