Sacred Scripture… like flint and steel

This is part of a commentary by Fr Ljubo Kurtovic on Our Lady’s latest message. The full text is available from: Information Mir Medjugorje, the official website of the Shrine of the Queen of Peace.

Maybe somewhere deep inside of us we expect the Virgin Mary to explain her messages in more detail and make them more clear. However, Our Lady’s messages do not provide us with ready-made recipes for happiness. She has come to direct our look at Christ who is our only Saviour and the aim of life. She helps us with her presence, calls and love so that we can walk on the path of conversion and salvation. She does not come to tell us tales, play with us or entertain us. She has come to call us to the truth, to the light and high demands of the Word of God. She invites us to read and live Sacred Scripture so that we may discover the life-giving power of the Word of God that speaks to us.

As the Holy Spirit has inspired Sacred Scripture, Sacred Scripture is permeated with it. We discover that by reading Sacred Scripture which encourages us to do good enlightening our mind and the feelings in our hearts. St. Gregory the Great asked himself: “What can a word of Sacred Scripture be compared with?” And he answered: “It is like flint and steel, like flint which is cold when we hold it in our hand, but when used to strike iron, it sparks and lights a fire. The words of Sacred Scripture remain cold if taken for granted. When, however, a person embraced by the Holy Spirit gives them a gentle knock, they make a mystical fire.”

Only if we rely on the truth of the Word of God shall we disclose the transience of our lives and the certainty of Jesus’ words: “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.” (Matt. 24:35). Let us listen to the Virgin Mary for the sake of our lives and our good.

Fr Ljubo Kurtovic OFM


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