Medjugorje photo judged winner!

A photograph taken in Medjugorje last September was judged to be the overall winner in a national photographic competiton organised by Shell in the UK in association with The Sunday Telegraph newspaper.

The competition theme was “Capturing Motion” split into 5 categories:
A Moving Journey
Moved through Emotion
Driving Emotion
Extreme Motion
Movement in Nature

Entries were accepted only online through the Telegraph’s website and prizes were awarded to a winner in each section. A ‘people’s choice’ winner was also announced. The overall winner was the photo shown above, taken in Medjugorje in September 2006. Wax on the Move was entered in the Extreme Motion category.

There were 1,376 entries for the competition and all of them can be viewed at the Shell in the UK web site. Winning entries are published today in the Sunday Telegraph arts and entertainment supplement, Seven. Commenting in the Sunday Telegraph on the overall winning photograph, judge and professional photographer Andy Paradise said: “Sometimes the beauty of photography forces us to re-think our ways of seeing.” The editorial continued: “This was confirmed by the extraordinary image that won the overall prize, It shows almost no movement at all yet, conversely, it constantly seems to be on the verge of motion.”

Dear children! I call you to be my light, in order to enlighten all those who still live in darkness, to fill their hearts with Peace, my Son. Thank you for having responded to my call!
Message of Our Lady given to Mirjana, March 18, 1998.


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