Christmas wishes from Medjugorje

For two thousand years now, the words of the angel of the Lord resound in the world. He announced to us the Good News, the joy for all the people: the Saviour is born, Christ, the Lord (cf. Lc 2,11). By His birth, the mercy of God came to the poor, the purity is offered to the impure, the grace is given to sinners.

Brothers and sisters, this year also, like the shepherds of Bethlehem, let us go to meet Him; let us adore Him, let us offer ourselves to Him fully, because only thus we will be able to live the life of the children of God and become heirs of the eternal life.

On behalf of the Parish office – Franciscan brothers and sisters – to all the parishioners from the youngest to the oldest, to the pilgrims and to all the men of goodwill, Merry Christmas and abundance of the grace of God in the New year 2007.
Dr. Fr. Ivan Sesar, pastor of Medjugorje

Source: Shrine of the Queen of Peace


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